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Our Story

At Alice Kathleen, we believe that childhood should be celebrated. It should be unhurried, and full of captured memories. We create children's clothing for all occasions, and it is our truest desire that Alice Kathleen becomes a staple in your children’s wardrobe, from birth through childhood.

Kathryn Thomas is the designer and creator of Alice Kathleen & Company. A talented designer with an eye for timeless styles, Kathryn has created an incredible collection of designs for girls and boys featuring patterns and fabrics that are truly beyond compare.

From an early age, Kathryn’s mother stressed to her the importance of dressing well. She taught Kathryn how to combine sophisticated details with classic designs in a nod to timeless children’s style. Kathryn learned attention to detail and intricate sewing techniques from grandmothers and aunts, who created unique handmade pieces for her.

Following the birth of her first daughter, Kathryn realized the void that existed in the market for the style of clothing that she grew up with. With a desire to dress her children in the style she loved, Alice Kathleen was born. It began with a single, hand-stitched applique. This kind of exquisite detail hadn’t been seen before in children’s clothing, and its popularity quickly grew.

As time passed, Kathryn added on pieces each season and expanded her offering of unique hand-stitched appliques. Alice Kathleen became a major children’s trunk show brand with the help of Mollie Hill and Glynes Hyde, the "working arm" of the team. Sisters with a passion for style, Mollie and Glynes are your personal liaisons for everything Alice Kathleen. 

Just as Kathryn’s mother and grandmother shared with her the classic style of children’s clothing that make up the collection today, we are excited to share Alice Kathleen with you and your family.